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OCR Processing


OCR has been termed the replacement for data entry. OCR stands for optical character recognition. OCR is the process of a software conversion. The software automatically reads the characters from a image


The disadvantage of OCR is the source has to be a image and a good quality one. Poor quality images confuse the software the the output will make little sense. The main disadvantage of OCR is unlike a human it cannot interpret and make decision based on the sentance. OCR very often will confuse charcters which are similar such as (e) and (o) or (l) and (i) and therefore OCR requires a manual spell check after it has been processed. This adds to the processing. It is for this reason OCR has not replaced data entry. Data entry can often be much faster and more occurate and therefore more cost beneficial because OCR requires scanning, processing and checking which all add to the time and cost.






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